Monday, February 27, 2012

Town Stories ~ Roanoke, Where Oakey Lived

It's taken me a lot of years to reconcile this town.
Town where my brother died.
Town where my grandfather prospered.

Town where my father led school change
(for the better).
Town not kind to my father after awhile
(power play).

Town where my teen years were
tumblesome, sadsome, and funagoodbit.
Like everyone's.

Where little girls of the '30s ran through Raleigh Court,
giggling, and
my cool aunt Nancy took me in her 
convertible to a movie starring
Elvis Presley.

Town where I started writing,
stopped writing to love,
will now write (late) for the remainder of my days.

Photo, today, at intersection of Colonial Avenue, Roanoke,
at Towers Mall. 

Just beyond the stop sign, what used to be a
quick summer's walk to Oakey Stump's sprawling brick home. 
My great-grandmother. 

Rail widow and native of Floyd County,
reveling in the city where she could take the bus to get nice
lingerie and raise children to work and go
to war.

Many stories & poems to come of grandfathers, fathers, brother, and 

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